A Guide to Caring For Your Dental Health While Traveling

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Traveling the world is a wholesome experience. You can see the world from different perspectives, experience exciting cultures, and have fun. At that moment, nothing else matters. Well, except for your dental care!

While you are sightseeing and living a thrilling tourist life, your dental care should never take the backseat. We wouldn’t want to run into a dental emergency and have to visit the dentist during your trips now, would we?

Without further ado, let’s run you through 9 quick tips for caring for your dental health while on a trip!

1. Pack a Travel-Sized Dental Kit

If you travel often, you’ll know how easy it is to leave your dental kit behind. Since you’ll use your toothbrush and floss until the day of your tip, it’s easy to forget to pack it.

That’s why we suggest getting a separate dental kit for your trip. When you do, ensure it’s the first item you pack! Frankly, a compact dental kit should be after your passport on your packing list.

Your kit should include a soft-bristle toothbrush, dental floss, mouthwash, and fluoride toothpaste. Note that these are basics, as individuals will require different things depending on their dental needs.

For instance, if you wear braces, remember your water flosser to work around the wires and brackets. A list always comes in handy!

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7Bali Villa Holiday To Try On A Bali Villa Holiday

If you are heading to Bali on holiday and the accommodation you have chosen is one of the awesome Bali villas that you can rent, we sincerely hope you do not plan to spend the majority of your time in that villa. By all means, enjoy the luxurious surroundings your Bali villa will offer, and it can be a great place to chill and relax. However, for those wishing to return from your holiday healthier and fitter, you must move beyond the walls of your Bali villa.

One of the huge benefits of holidaying in Bali, especially during the dry season from April to September, is that you are guaranteed great weather for any outdoor activities which you pursue. There is certainly no shortage of physical activities that are available in Bali, so there should be something that everyone can try.

We cannot list them all, so, instead, we thought we would highlight the seven most popular healthy activities for holidaymakers in Bali. Some might require you to hire some equipment, but we assure you it will be worth it. As for the others, they will not cost you anything other than the calories you burn off and we are sure you are happy to lose those.

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5 Unforgettable Experiences You Must Try When You Visit Bali

Whether you are planning your first trip to Bali, or you are returning to Bali for a second or third time, one thing that must surely be on your agenda, is try out as many activities as you can whilst you are there. It has been argued by some that there are so many activities, trips, and experiences in Bali that visitors could return there 10 times, and still have barely half of them crossed off their list of things to do.

We know that there will be people reading this article who have a broad range of likes with regards to how they wish to spend their time on Bali. Some will be looking for sports and physical activities. Others will prefer sightseeing. Some will be hoping to experience some of Bali’s culture, and we will also have those who are happy to try a little bit of everything.

Obviously, if we were going to cater to just one of those groups the title of this article would include the words ‘sporting experiences’, or ‘cultural experiences’, or ‘sightseeing experiences‘ and so on. However, we want to cater to as many people as we can so we will go with ‘unforgettable experiences’ and hope that at least one of the 5 that follow, appeal to each of you who are reading this.

#1 – Hike On Mount Batur At Sunrise

We start, appropriately, with an experience that will require you to get up really early. In fact, it might even be easier to not go to bed at all. With a pickup in the small hours, you will be driven to the foot of Mount Batur. There you will see other hikers and as you join them in hiking up the mountain, take in the awesome view of the stars as you go. When you arrive at the top, you can stand or sit and await the first sunrays of the day which continue into becoming a stunning sunrise.

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Seseh Villas – West Coast of Bali

Located about forty minutes from Bali’s International airport and 25 minutes from the many restaurants and shops of the cosmopolitan Seminyak, Seseh is a laid-back, traditional beach-side village.

Home to one of the best surfing locations in Bali, the village is the ideal spot for anyone wanting to be surrounded by ocean and beautiful rice fields. Seseh is basically untouched and is approached via an avenue of coconut palms.

The village is one of the best places for you to experience some of the customs and culture of old Bali. Seseh is also a great destination for those looking to get lost in the beauty of the countryside. The village offers some of Bali’s best private luxury villas for rent, which are classic venues for holidays with family and friends.

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Avengers Stars Far From Home in Bali

Avengers Stars in Bali

Both Marvel Cinematic Universe actors Tom Holland and Chris Hemsworth were far from home recently when both were spotted in Bali.

Avid Spider-Man fans first learned about 22-year-old English actor Tom’s visit to the Indonesian Island when he uploaded a video of himself on Twitter. The video promoted his ongoing fan competition and featured a quick mention of being en-route to Bali.

“…We’re officially on our way to Bali for the next step of the press tour,” Tom said.

It didn’t take long for word to spread, and fans flocked to the airport to record footage of him exiting his plane in Bali. Other social media posts showed Tom posing with fans for photos on one of Bali’s beautiful beach.

Aside from meeting fans, a Kompas.com report says Tom was partaking in Sony Pictures film workshops and screenings over two days to promote Spider-Man: Far From Home – his upcoming movie which is due for release in July.

The new film follows on from Avengers: Endgame, where Spider-Man must step up and take on new threats in a new, changed world.

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4 Medical Tips Before You Travel

Medical Tips Before You Travel

After relaxing on beaches and staying in Bali villas, there is a high chance you’re going to get the travel bug. However, before you begin on your world travels – when you’re checking out as many countries as possible – you need to ensure you have a clean bill of health. You also need to make sure you’re going to be as safe as possible in every country you visit. Don’t go jet-setting without doing the following.

Getting Your Vaccinations

At least two months before you are set to travel, make an appointment with your GP to ensure you are up to date with all your vaccinations. Because some injections take a while to become active, or you need more than one treatment, the more in advance you can visit your GP, the better. You may be on island time after relaxing at Bali villas, but your health is imperative. You may need to check you have had immunisations for measles, polio, tetanus, rubella, and even diphtheria.

Know the Ins and Outs of Prescription Medication

Unlike domestic travel, travelling overseas with prescription medication is not as straightforward as you may think and it may take several weeks to organise. When you travel with prescription medication, make sure you have a letter from your doctor which includes the dosage, the type, your name, and how much you must carry for the time you are away.

If you are carrying a drug which includes ingredients considered “drugs of addiction” in other countries, you may also run into trouble. Check to see whether the country you are visiting allows you to carry that particular drug or whether you need a customs clearance.

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How to Get Much-Needed Shut-Eye on a Plane

Shut-Eye on a Plane

Whether the thought of relaxing in Bali villas has you excited and unable to sleep, or your plane seat neighbour is snoring beside you, sometimes that shut-eye you so desperately require can evade you. However, not all is lost. There are ways you can get a few hours of sleep on a plane before arriving at your holiday destination.

We have included a few standout options below that are well worth trying. After all, wouldn’t you rather turn up to your hotel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed instead of wanting to sleep the day away?

Wear Comfortable Clothing

While your tight jeans and restrictive shirt may look stylish and sleek as you make your way through the airport, you may regret the decision as soon as you get on the plane. Having to sit for hours on end in clothing that isn’t comfortable can make any chance of sleep impossible.

Instead of wearing clothes for fashion’s sake, wear them for comfort. Loose-fitting fitness sweat pants, sweatshirts, and even soft shoes or slippers can make all the difference. You may be able to nod off to sleep far quicker when you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Don’t Make it a Big Deal

Thinking about how much you need to go to sleep when on the plane can mean you have a harder time doing so. The more you stress about the importance of restful slumber, the less likely you are to achieve it. Therefore, if you’re struggling to fall asleep, make it more of an “if it happens, it happens” situation. Enjoy your surroundings but if your eyes get heavy, go with it. If not, there is always time for a nap when you arrive at your luxurious Bali villas.

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4 of Bali’s Best Restaurants

If you get time to slip out from your luxury villa, here’s a list of our four all-time favourite gourmet experiences around the sun drenched beaches of Bali.

Kuta’s main tourist drag may not be considered by many as the place to find fine dining, however for those who have discovered Christian Vannequé’s Parisian brasserie and wine bar ‘Sip’ would beg to differ. Straight up, the wine list is to die for, boasting a collection of New World and quality Bordelais wines. In the kitchen things heat up as steak frites sauté and hearty Toulouse cassoulet simmer. The restaurant strives to deliver high quality for great value, offering a three-course menu for $25.
Location: 16a Jalan Raya Seminyak, Kuta (opposite Bintang supermarket). Ph. +62 361 730 810.

Looking for that wow factor, then you need to head to Sardine, a new and sophisticated addition to Bali’s fine-dining scene. The décor is stunning and does a fine job in creating an authentic ambience. The bamboo structure overlooks earthy rice paddies and a lush organic vegetable garden. The menu is made up of predominately fish, local seafood and organic greens that are sourced from its own organic garden. You can take a seat in one of the comfortable lounges and watch on as the farmers handpick the fresh produce that will be served up on your plate.
Location:  Jalan Petitenget, Kerobokan, Ph. +62 361 738 202

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Put Seminyak Beach on Your Bali Places to Visit

Seminyak Beach is one the hottest places to visit in Bali and rightfully so! You’ll find all kinds of luxurious resorts and villas in this area along with tons of fine dining experiences, boutiques, spas, and a fabulous nightlife.

When we say fine dining, what we really mean is extra fine dining. Here you can find some world class cuisine prepared by renowned international chefs.

Seminyak’s Petitenget Beach has a much more secluded ambience than many of the other beaches. However, don’t be fooled by that ambience because when the sun goes down it has a lively nightlife that you are going to offer you plenty of fun!

There are also a number of art galleries among the beachfront & these are a must to explore offering traditional and modern Balinese art. Don’t be surprised if you find a piece you just can t live without and must take home with you. It s an adventure in itself, seeing what the local artists have to offer.

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Spectacular Miss World 2013 Held in Bali

Just recently, the Miss World 2013 pageant was held in Bali. It seems it depends on who you speak to as to the success of this event. According to the Artistic Beauty, the event was a mess of drama. Then again other news agencies like BBC News are quick to report just how spectacular this event was with little or no mention of drama.

Excluding any opinions on pageants, one would have to agree that it was likely a spectacular event and quite something to see. Considering just where it was held one can imagine the backdrop for this event. All contestants were wearing traditional garb form the different ethnic groups of Indonesia.

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Bali Tourist Information

Bali Tourist Information

When travelling to Bali, it is wise to be aware of any current situations, warnings, events, weather incidents and other Bali tourist information that may have an impact on your travels. Although Bali is generally a very peaceful, safe and often a family friendly destination in most areas, there may be occurrences whereby your travel plans need to change, or where you simply need to be aware of current circumstances. You can keep on top of the latest developments by checking your local government travel website in most cases.

In addition to unexpected events and happening, there are just some basic common sense things to keep in mind when you travel to Bali, as well as to anywhere else in the world. Some of these Bali tourist information details will be briefly outlined in this article, and are aspects to keep in mind both before and during your travels, in order to ensure that you have an enjoyable and a safe adventure in Bali that will stay in your memories forever.

Most people spend a lot of time swimming in Bali, so keeping in mind that red flags mean danger is important. It generally means there is a rip current nearby and people should stay out of the water.

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5 Bali Beaches To Visit

Bali Beaches

When visiting the island, apart from the wonderful villas you can find on easybalivillas.com to stay in, seeing the spectacular Bali beaches is at the top of the list of virtually all visitors. But which beach do you choose to stay at or spend your time at? There are so many choices all around Bali’s magnificent coastlines.

It is generally a matter of whether you like a quieter experience away from the crowds, if you prefer to be immersed in the party and nightlife scenes, or whether watersports and surfing are high on your list of priorities. Once you’ve narrowed down your preferences it becomes a little easier to pinpoint what could be a great beach location to base yourself at. This article will highlight just a few of Bali’s wonderful beaches.

Balangan Beach
For a quieter experience consider Balangan Beach. Here you will still find small locally fun cafes and traditional huts. Surfing and swimming is popular at Balangan and you’ll find lots of surfing schools that allow you to take some lessons.

Nusa Dua
One of the most popular and upcoming tourist locations, Nusa Dua give you the best of beach access as well as tourist facilities. Still quiet enough for families to enjoy, Nusa Dua is highly attractive to those wanting a lovely Bali experience without diving deep into the crowds.

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Government to Set Hotel Rate Standard Regulations

Hotel Rate

The Bali government is making changes to the way hotels do business in Bali. Mangku Pastika, who is the Bali Governor, has said he is ready to create new regulations for the hotels relating to hotel rate standards, as a way to control the out of control growth of Bali’s tourism accommodations. “If they want to sell room with more expensive or cheaper price, they can, but they have to pay 10 percent from the standard rate,” he said.

Pastika explains that the hotel rate standard policy will be an assertive action that has been constructed to respond to the Bali hotel construction boom and the incredible competition that had the potential to create a tourism image that Bali was a cheap place to visit.

“We will compile the governor regulation after getting recommendations from Indonesia Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) Bali, so that the regional government just needs to collect the 10 percent tax. The only problem is whether PHRI is brave enough, but I am,” Pastika said.

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Bali Tourism Grows Even With Stagnate World Economy

Bali Tourism

Early on there was a great deal of speculation that Bali tourism would suffer as a result of a stagnate world economy. There was a great deal of concern over the global crisis and how these external factors would affect tourism but also there was concern over internal factors that might interfere with tourism such as the traffic jams that were occurring in South Bali. It seems this concern may have been all for naught, for there is no question that tourism in Bali in 2013 is thriving.

In recent years Bali has found itself nicknamed ‘Island of Thousand Temples,’ not because of the temples on the island but because of the excessive number of hotels popping up all over. Not all these hotels are what one might expect, and certainly many would agree that Bali villas offer a much better alternative to hotel accommodations.

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Bali Tourist Tips

Bali Tourist Tips

When packing for your dream vacation to Bali, on top of your Bali tourist tips is a checklist of items to bring with you. Here are a few items that will make your vacation much more enjoyable: passport, sun block SPF 40, Deet bug repellant, anti-diarrhea medicine, antibiotics, acidophilus pills, vitamins, energy bars, anti-bacterial hand wipes, antibacterial hand sanitizer, foot powder, digital thermometer, tissue, bottled water, your doctor’s phone number along with his exchange’s number, an extra suitcase, two cameras, film or batteries depending on the type of camera, cash and traveler’s checks.

The list may seem daunting, but there is a good reason to bring each and every item listed. I could list the pros of every item, but a majority of them are self-explanatory.

When arriving in Bali there is also a pecking order to things you must do upon arrival. First thing, check into your hotel or Bali villa. After checking in, deposit your passport, white immigration card, airline tickets, credit cards, cash and traveler’s checks into the hotel safe that is available in every hotel.

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Bali Culture

Bali Culture

It is a well known fact that Bali culture and Indonesia as a whole has a history that is both bloody and full of strife. Having being colonised by the Indians and the Dutch, Bali had to endure going through a period when the Japanese expelled the Dutch as well. All in all, these events that took place over hundreds of years only served to enrich and support the Bali culture. Furthermore, it needs to be said that the multi-religious environment that is currently present in Bali has served to influence its traditions, heritage, art and also its cuisine. When travelling across Bali, it is apparent that the Indians, Japanese and Dutch have left their indelible mark upon the island.

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Bali Hotel Association to Offer Puri Palace Tours

Puri Palace

Antara News The Bali Hotels Association is planning to put together planed to develop Puri tour packages, which are palace tour packages. The reason for these tours is that in it is hoped that it will go a long ways to preserve the culture of Bali, which is known as the Island of the Gods, by many.

Executive Director of Bali Hotels Association (BHA) Djinaldo Gosana said, “By this tour package, tourists can learn about traditional dances, cook, making offering and others, while they can stay at residents` homes.”

According to Gosana, the tours will combine a number of cultural areas including the palaces, family activities, and the rural tourism development. It is hope that tourists will then enjoy local activities that are supported by local residents and focus on local cultures.

Gosana went on to say, “We have been exploring some puris in Bali for this cooperation such as the family of Jero Kuta Palace in Denpasar, Kanginan Palace in Karangasem, Gianyar Palace, Kerambitan and Penebel Palace in Tabanan, Bongkasa Palace in Badung and Singaraja Palace.”

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Secret of Bali as a Top Vacation Destination is Out

Bali Top Vacation

Bali may be small, but don’t let that size deceive you – because for its size it packs a powerful punch when it comes to vacations. In fact, the secret of Bali as a top destination is out. In a single day, you can drive around the entire Bali coast, but it can take you a lifetime to experience all that Bali has to offer.

If you ask Bali travelers what they like about Bali you’ll get all kinds of answers – beautiful beaches, surfing, diving, enchanting temples, amazing dance performance, spectacular gardens, the nightlife, the culture, the people…

It quickly becomes apparent that while it might only take a day to travel around the island, Bali has a lot to offer, and there is certainly something for every tourist. Small certainly does not mean limiting. As you explore the nooks and crannies of beautiful Bali, you’ll find yourself wanting more.

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How to Book The Bali Villa You Want

Bali Villa

Booking accommodations for your Bali vacation has certainly become easier in the last couple of decades, thanks largely to the internet access we now have. If you have been thinking about booking a Bali villa rather than staying in a hotel, you are making a great choices. There’s really nothing better than having your own villa to kick back and add the finishing touches to your Bali vacation.

It’s important to book your Bali villa far enough in advance to ensure you get the villa you want. There are many different price points so you should have no problem finding a villa that you want. Always book using a reputable travel agent or through a reputable website (which is the most common way to book). Use a credit card to pay for your booking – this provides you additional protection.

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