7Bali Villa Holiday To Try On A Bali Villa Holiday

If you are heading to Bali on holiday and the accommodation you have chosen is one of the awesome Bali villas that you can rent, we sincerely hope you do not plan to spend the majority of your time in that villa. By all means, enjoy the luxurious surroundings your Bali villa will offer, and it can be a great place to chill and relax. However, for those wishing to return from your holiday healthier and fitter, you must move beyond the walls of your Bali villa.

One of the huge benefits of holidaying in Bali, especially during the dry season from April to September, is that you are guaranteed great weather for any outdoor activities which you pursue. There is certainly no shortage of physical activities that are available in Bali, so there should be something that everyone can try.

We cannot list them all, so, instead, we thought we would highlight the seven most popular healthy activities for holidaymakers in Bali. Some might require you to hire some equipment, but we assure you it will be worth it. As for the others, they will not cost you anything other than the calories you burn off and we are sure you are happy to lose those.

#1 – Jogging: Some say Bali is a jogger’s paradise, and who are we to argue with that? There are so many beautiful locations where you can jog to stay fit whilst taking in the wonderful scenery around you, it is most definitely a win-win scenario.

#2 – Swimming: The words “spoilt for choice” come to mind as you have so many places where you can swim it would probably take 10 trips to Bali to visit them all. Not only do you have the swimming pool at your Bali villa, but also a huge selection of magnificent beaches.

#3 – Surfing: For those that want to take their water sports to another level, you should try surfing. Bali has several beaches where the surf is perfect for all levels of surfers from beginners who should try Kuta beach or Canggu to surfboard veterans who may head to Uluwatu where 15-foot waves are common.

#4 – Golf: Bali has some wonderful golf courses and there is no shortage of choices. Many of the courses are in the south of Bali, although if you want the unique experience of playing golf on a course set within an extinct volcanic crater, then head for Bali Handara which is rated in the top 50 golf courses in the world.

#5 – Cycling: One of Bali’s distinct features is the diversity of its terrain which allows cyclists to cycle on all kinds of surfaces, inclines, and surroundings. Cycle hire shops are plentiful and the cost to hire a bike for a day can be as little as 10 AUD.

#6 – Climbing: For the more adventurous amongst you who want a great way to see some awesome sights in Bali while getting plenty of exercise, then climbing is what you should try. Options range from the gentle to the extreme so there is a climbing option for all fitness levels and ages.

#7 – Walking: We include walking because it is a fact that walking just 30 minutes per day helps cardiovascular fitness, reduces body fat, and boosts your endurance. In addition, walking in Bali is an absolute pleasure, given it has some of the most incredible scenery in the world.