Put Seminyak Beach on Your Bali Places to Visit

Seminyak Beach is one the hottest places to visit in Bali and rightfully so! You’ll find all kinds of luxurious resorts and villas in this area along with tons of fine dining experiences, boutiques, spas, and a fabulous nightlife.

When we say fine dining, what we really mean is extra fine dining. Here you can find some world class cuisine prepared by renowned international chefs.

Seminyak’s Petitenget Beach has a much more secluded ambience than many of the other beaches. However, don’t be fooled by that ambience because when the sun goes down it has a lively nightlife that you are going to offer you plenty of fun!

There are also a number of art galleries among the beachfront & these are a must to explore offering traditional and modern Balinese art. Don’t be surprised if you find a piece you just can t live without and must take home with you. It s an adventure in itself, seeing what the local artists have to offer.

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Bali Tourism Grows Even With Stagnate World Economy

Bali Tourism

Early on there was a great deal of speculation that Bali tourism would suffer as a result of a stagnate world economy. There was a great deal of concern over the global crisis and how these external factors would affect tourism but also there was concern over internal factors that might interfere with tourism such as the traffic jams that were occurring in South Bali. It seems this concern may have been all for naught, for there is no question that tourism in Bali in 2013 is thriving.

In recent years Bali has found itself nicknamed ‘Island of Thousand Temples,’ not because of the temples on the island but because of the excessive number of hotels popping up all over. Not all these hotels are what one might expect, and certainly many would agree that Bali villas offer a much better alternative to hotel accommodations.

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Bali Hotel Association to Offer Puri Palace Tours

Puri Palace

Antara News The Bali Hotels Association is planning to put together planed to develop Puri tour packages, which are palace tour packages. The reason for these tours is that in it is hoped that it will go a long ways to preserve the culture of Bali, which is known as the Island of the Gods, by many.

Executive Director of Bali Hotels Association (BHA) Djinaldo Gosana said, “By this tour package, tourists can learn about traditional dances, cook, making offering and others, while they can stay at residents` homes.”

According to Gosana, the tours will combine a number of cultural areas including the palaces, family activities, and the rural tourism development. It is hope that tourists will then enjoy local activities that are supported by local residents and focus on local cultures.

Gosana went on to say, “We have been exploring some puris in Bali for this cooperation such as the family of Jero Kuta Palace in Denpasar, Kanginan Palace in Karangasem, Gianyar Palace, Kerambitan and Penebel Palace in Tabanan, Bongkasa Palace in Badung and Singaraja Palace.”

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