5 Unforgettable Experiences You Must Try When You Visit Bali

Whether you are planning your first trip to Bali, or you are returning to Bali for a second or third time, one thing that must surely be on your agenda, is try out as many activities as you can whilst you are there. It has been argued by some that there are so many activities, trips, and experiences in Bali that visitors could return there 10 times, and still have barely half of them crossed off their list of things to do.

We know that there will be people reading this article who have a broad range of likes with regards to how they wish to spend their time on Bali. Some will be looking for sports and physical activities. Others will prefer sightseeing. Some will be hoping to experience some of Bali’s culture, and we will also have those who are happy to try a little bit of everything.

Obviously, if we were going to cater to just one of those groups the title of this article would include the words ‘sporting experiences’, or ‘cultural experiences’, or ‘sightseeing experiences‘ and so on. However, we want to cater to as many people as we can so we will go with ‘unforgettable experiences’ and hope that at least one of the 5 that follow, appeal to each of you who are reading this.

#1 – Hike On Mount Batur At Sunrise

We start, appropriately, with an experience that will require you to get up really early. In fact, it might even be easier to not go to bed at all. With a pickup in the small hours, you will be driven to the foot of Mount Batur. There you will see other hikers and as you join them in hiking up the mountain, take in the awesome view of the stars as you go. When you arrive at the top, you can stand or sit and await the first sunrays of the day which continue into becoming a stunning sunrise.

#2 – Release Baby Turtles Into The Sea

Mother nature and tourists do not always go hand in hand, and sadly, in some parts of the world, tourism has impacted animal and plant life badly. Thankfully, Bali has sought to reverse that with the Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Centre. The centre protects the eggs laid by female turtles and ensures they can hatch safely. When the time is right the baby turtles can be released and there is true joy in watching them waddle across the sand to reach the ocean for the first time.

#3 – Watch A Kecak Dance Performance

For the culture vultures amongst you that want to experience as much of traditional Bali as you can, watching a Kecak dance performance will certainly give you that. The entire performance takes place whilst a male group continuously chant melodies and rhythms. The dance also tells a story from a traditional poem about a prince,  that also includes a demon and a monkey king.

#4 – Go Handicraft Shopping

There will be many of you that insist on going shopping for local products when you are in Bali, either for yourself or as gifts when you go home. A great way to find them is by visiting handicraft stores or market vendors. There are plenty of them in Bali, the quality is outstanding, and the prices are low, especially if you barter. Items which are particularly well-made in Bali are textiles, purses, teak wood ornaments and traditional jewellery.

#5 – Visit A Beach Club

Our final experience is one which we hope will appeal to everyone. There are beach clubs in every part of Bali, and most are free to enter, provided you spend a minimum amount when you are there. They often have a pool, loungers to relax in and without fail they will have menu. One thing which many beach club visitors will vouch for is that the food served in beach clubs, is exceptional.