A Guide to Caring For Your Dental Health While Traveling

Travel enthusiast? You need to see this…

Traveling the world is a wholesome experience. You can see the world from different perspectives, experience exciting cultures, and have fun. At that moment, nothing else matters. Well, except for your dental care!

While you are sightseeing and living a thrilling tourist life, your dental care should never take the backseat. We wouldn’t want to run into a dental emergency and have to visit the dentist during your trips now, would we?

Without further ado, let’s run you through 9 quick tips for caring for your dental health while on a trip!

1. Pack a Travel-Sized Dental Kit

If you travel often, you’ll know how easy it is to leave your dental kit behind. Since you’ll use your toothbrush and floss until the day of your tip, it’s easy to forget to pack it.

That’s why we suggest getting a separate dental kit for your trip. When you do, ensure it’s the first item you pack! Frankly, a compact dental kit should be after your passport on your packing list.

Your kit should include a soft-bristle toothbrush, dental floss, mouthwash, and fluoride toothpaste. Note that these are basics, as individuals will require different things depending on their dental needs.

For instance, if you wear braces, remember your water flosser to work around the wires and brackets. A list always comes in handy!

2. Stick to Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Trips and unpredictability go hand in hand. And that’s what makes traveling even more exciting.

But you may get carried away and abandon your oral hygiene. Well, please don’t!

Consistent dental care is even more vital during trips to avoid emergencies. Brush twice and floss daily before you go to bed, regardless of how exhausted you are.

Busy schedule? Set reminders so you’d get prompts shortly before your oral hygiene. While dental care may seem basic, it’s a surefire way to eschew dental problems.

3. Stay Hydrated

You’ve probably heard water heals at some point. Well, it’s true—not just for your overall health but also for oral hygiene. Staying hydrated prevents dry mouth and decay or gum disease in the long run.

When you take plenty of water, you wash down food residues from your mind, reducing the possibility of bacteria feasting on them. It’s tempting to drown yourself in sugary or acidic drinks during special occasions. But keep them at bay and always pick water over such drinks.

One way to encourage yourself to drink water is to get a cute water bottle. Carry it along wherever you go and refill it when necessary. You’ll find yourself downing more liters of water.

4. Be Mindful of Local Cuisine

Oh, the beauty of rewarding your tastebuds with incredible flavors. The taste of local cuisine while traveling is simply an adventure worth experiencing.


Take a pause and think about your dental care while consuming certain foods. Highly acidic or sugary foods can cause enamel erosion, teeth staining, or tooth decay.

Does that mean you shouldn’t try out dishes? Of course not! We aren’t killjoys. Just tilt more in favor of veggies and savory flavors. Overall, balance your food consumption during trips to protect your dental health. Indulge sometimes, but not excessively.

5. Use Sugar-Free Gum

Sugar-free gums are essential when on a trip. When you can’t brush after a meal, sugarless gums come in handy without the risk of sugar. Chewing stimulates taste and mechanical receptors in your mouth, increasing saliva flow. This increase in saliva flow neutralizes the acidic effect of the bacteria in your mouth. It also gets food particles out of your teeth.

Always keep these healthy packs handy in your bag during a trip. Make sure you can reach out to grab a few during long bus rides when brushing isn’t feasible.

You’d be doing yourself a favor!

6. Protect Your Toothbrush

Damp toothbrushes breed bacteria that make an entrance into your mouth when you brush. Hence, keep your toothbrush dry while traveling! Always air dry after use and keep it in a breathable pack.

If you can’t dry your toothbrush, use disposable ones. Or have extras to exchange after use. Keeping your toothbrush dry is a dental care practice that most people underrate. Keep up this habit even when you are not on trips!

7. Know How to Seek Dental Care Abroad

We always recommend a quick dental check before traveling. But if dental emergencies occur during your trip, be ready to resolve them.


Research the best way to access dental care in the destination city. You can ask your travel insurance provider for suggestions before traveling or run a quick search of reputable dental clinics.

Always prepare for the most unusual emergency. So, pick a few local language words to communicate your needs when necessary or have access to a translator. That way, you can communicate and get help ASAP.

8. Watch the Water You Use

When you are out in the wild, be wary of the kind of water you use. If you need to brush, use bottled water or a trusted water source. This protects your oral health and general health. If you expose your toothbrush to contaminated water, trash it and pick a new one.

9. Watch Out For Signs of Dental Problems

Don’t underestimate any dental issue. Always watch out for signs of something wrong with your teeth. These are essential because the earlier you treat such problems, the better.

Here are common ways to identify dental problems:

  • Toothache
  • Mouth sores
  • Bad breath
  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Metalic taste in your mouth, etc.

Bottom Line

Nothing beats visiting an unknown destination—lounging on a beach with your loved ones or seeing fascinating cities without a care in the world. But you don’t want dental problems sneaking up on you during these trips. So, during every adventure, keep your dental care in mind.

Check what you consume, stay disciplined with your routines, and take sugar-free gums when necessary. Keep that smile vibrant while on your trip– make great memories!

So, next time you visit your dream place, pack up your dental kit and bookmark this article! You are welcome.