Bali Tourism Grows Even With Stagnate World Economy

Early on there was a great deal of speculation that Bali tourism would suffer as a result of a stagnate world economy. There was a great deal of concern over the global crisis and how these external factors would affect tourism but also there was concern over internal factors that might interfere with tourism such as the traffic jams that were occurring in South Bali. It seems this concern may have been all for naught, for there is no question that tourism in Bali in 2013 is thriving.

In recent years Bali has found itself nicknamed ‘Island of Thousand Temples,’ not because of the temples on the island but because of the excessive number of hotels popping up all over. Not all these hotels are what one might expect, and certainly many would agree that Bali villas offer a much better alternative to hotel accommodations.

Until recently, Bali had no ‘master plan’ relating to tourism development and as a result, tourism has grown disproportionately between the south and the north. The south is dense while the north remains quiet. However, this isn’t all bad, since those looking for a quieter vacation will often head to the northern regions or western parts like Jimbaran, where you will also find beautiful villas.

The world economy might not be improved but it doesn’t seem to be affecting booking into Bali at all. Even during the off season tourists continue to arrive with no end in site. Bali has so much to offer, and it has also become a more affordable vacation destination over the past decade; therefore, tourists continue to make their way to Bali. For the local Bali economy this is exciting – to see that they can hold their own even during a rough world economy – well that’s just reassuring! Then again, Bali is one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the world so why wouldn’t it remain popular.