Bali Tourist Tips

When packing for your dream vacation to Bali, on top of your Bali tourist tips is a checklist of items to bring with you. Here are a few items that will make your vacation much more enjoyable: passport, sun block SPF 40, Deet bug repellant, anti-diarrhea medicine, antibiotics, acidophilus pills, vitamins, energy bars, anti-bacterial hand wipes, antibacterial hand sanitizer, foot powder, digital thermometer, tissue, bottled water, your doctor’s phone number along with his exchange’s number, an extra suitcase, two cameras, film or batteries depending on the type of camera, cash and traveler’s checks.

The list may seem daunting, but there is a good reason to bring each and every item listed. I could list the pros of every item, but a majority of them are self-explanatory.

When arriving in Bali there is also a pecking order to things you must do upon arrival. First thing, check into your hotel or Bali villa. After checking in, deposit your passport, white immigration card, airline tickets, credit cards, cash and traveler’s checks into the hotel safe that is available in every hotel.

When the time comes to exchange currency, use only PT Central, an authorized money exchanger located in any one of several Kodak stores found throughout Bali, this is another one of the essential Bali tourist tips. These PT Central exchangers will give tourists the best exchange rate to be found. If you choose to exchange at banks there will be haggling involved, so if haggling is not your forte, stick to the Kodak shop exchangers mentioned above.

Take a minimum amount of luggage but make sure there is room to take home items purchased in Bali. There are many beautiful items made by local artisans, so try to stick to those as opposed to cheesy trinkets made in Taiwan. The best local artists along with their works are found in Ubud, Kuta and Denpasar to name a few cities. Gray line is a recommended bus tour company that caters to tourists and will give a tour well worth the price.

Lastly, on Bali tourist tips, when departing Bali, do not forget to have 150k rupiahs available to pay the ‘departure tax’ at the airport.