How to Get Much-Needed Shut-Eye on a Plane

Whether the thought of relaxing in Bali villas has you excited and unable to sleep, or your plane seat neighbour is snoring beside you, sometimes that shut-eye you so desperately require can evade you. However, not all is lost. There are ways you can get a few hours of sleep on a plane before arriving at your holiday destination.

We have included a few standout options below that are well worth trying. After all, wouldn’t you rather turn up to your hotel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed instead of wanting to sleep the day away?

Wear Comfortable Clothing

While your tight jeans and restrictive shirt may look stylish and sleek as you make your way through the airport, you may regret the decision as soon as you get on the plane. Having to sit for hours on end in clothing that isn’t comfortable can make any chance of sleep impossible.

Instead of wearing clothes for fashion’s sake, wear them for comfort. Loose-fitting fitness sweat pants, sweatshirts, and even soft shoes or slippers can make all the difference. You may be able to nod off to sleep far quicker when you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Don’t Make it a Big Deal

Thinking about how much you need to go to sleep when on the plane can mean you have a harder time doing so. The more you stress about the importance of restful slumber, the less likely you are to achieve it. Therefore, if you’re struggling to fall asleep, make it more of an “if it happens, it happens” situation. Enjoy your surroundings but if your eyes get heavy, go with it. If not, there is always time for a nap when you arrive at your luxurious Bali villas.

Be Selective with Food Choices

Food can interrupt your sleep significantly, which is one of the reasons why experts recommend you don’t eat before you go to bed. If you intend on trying to sleep on a plane before arriving at your booked Bali villas, then be selective with what and when you eat. Avoid spicy foods which can cause havoc with your digestive health, and don’t reach for that bag of snacks if you plan on sleeping within three hours.

Minimise Screen Time

Electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones reset your biological clocks to tell you that it’s time to get up. If you are trying to go to sleep, don’t use your electronic devices during this time. You have a better chance of falling asleep naturally than if you use your phone as a way to pass the time beforehand.

The thought of starting on an exciting holiday, or checking into amazing Bali villas can be enough to make even the heaviest sleeper anything but tired. If you think you will struggle with sleep once you get onto a plane full of people, then try out these tips above. You never know, you may get more sleep than you thought possible.