Spectacular Miss World 2013 Held in Bali

Just recently, the Miss World 2013 pageant was held in Bali. It seems it depends on who you speak to as to the success of this event. According to the Artistic Beauty, the event was a mess of drama. Then again other news agencies like BBC News are quick to report just how spectacular this event was with little or no mention of drama.

Excluding any opinions on pageants, one would have to agree that it was likely a spectacular event and quite something to see. Considering just where it was held one can imagine the backdrop for this event. All contestants were wearing traditional garb form the different ethnic groups of Indonesia.

On the final night the Golden Birds dance was performed. Children carried flags from all of the participating countries, 127 in total. And Indonesian violinist Iskandar Widjaja was quick to charm audiences. By all accounts, this was a glamorous, lavish night, and if you were lucky enough to be present when Megan Young from the Philippines earned the Miss World 2013 title, it was certainly a memorable night.

That is the thing about travelling to Bali. You can have the opportunity to experience all kinds of fantastic events that will certainly be memorable. More and more often Bali is being chosen to be the location for interesting events, festivals, and other popular procedures that attract travellers from around the world, further promoting Bali tourism.

Bali, once a well kept secret, can no longer be considered as such. Today tourists from around the world are finding this paradise to enjoy, whether it s to attend the Miss World 2013 pageant, a festival, or just so you can experience a vacation like no other, one thing is for certain & you will not be disappointed with your Bali vacation!