5 Bali Beaches To Visit

When visiting the island, apart from the wonderful villas you can find on easybalivillas.com to stay in, seeing the spectacular Bali beaches is at the top of the list of virtually all visitors. But which beach do you choose to stay at or spend your time at? There are so many choices all around Bali’s magnificent coastlines.

It is generally a matter of whether you like a quieter experience away from the crowds, if you prefer to be immersed in the party and nightlife scenes, or whether watersports and surfing are high on your list of priorities. Once you’ve narrowed down your preferences it becomes a little easier to pinpoint what could be a great beach location to base yourself at. This article will highlight just a few of Bali’s wonderful beaches.

Balangan Beach
For a quieter experience consider Balangan Beach. Here you will still find small locally fun cafes and traditional huts. Surfing and swimming is popular at Balangan and you’ll find lots of surfing schools that allow you to take some lessons.

Nusa Dua
One of the most popular and upcoming tourist locations, Nusa Dua give you the best of beach access as well as tourist facilities. Still quiet enough for families to enjoy, Nusa Dua is highly attractive to those wanting a lovely Bali experience without diving deep into the crowds.

For a black sand experience, consider Amed, where the diving is spectacular thanks to the nearby wrecks which are always fun to explore. You’ll also be able to view a stunning night time star filled sky from this location thanks to the lack of light pollution.

Seminyak Beach
Those wanting to immerse themselves completely in Bali’s tourist and party scene can not go past Seminyak Beach. Cocktails, bars and parties are the order of the day here at night, whilst the days can be spent lounging on the beach. If you don’t mind the crowds then Seminyak Beach is the place to feel like you’re in the heart of Bali.

Bias Tugal
One of Bali’s best kept secrets is Bias Tugal, which often has not a person around. With postcard perfect white sand and coconut palm lined shorelines, Bias Tugal is simply a peaceful, tranquil bit of coast that those seeking solitude and a connection with nature will surely appreciate.

These are just a range of the different beaches you can experience in Bali, no matter what your tastes and interests may be.